How much does it cost to repair a garage door spring

Average Cost to Repair or Replace a Garage Door Spring in 2022

If you have recently found that your garage door is creaking, opening slowly, or not budging at all, it’s time to repair or replace the garage door spring. The garage door spring repair cost varies between $30 to $350, depending upon whether you’re going to repair it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

How Much Does a Garage Door Spring Cost to Replace?

If you are going to just buy the parts and perform a DIY repair job, it will cost you between $30 to $100. A professional installation will cost you between $200 to $350.

In most cases, the main garage door repairs revolve around the springs. There are two types of springs that your garage door utilizes:

  • Torsion spring. Depending upon your garage door size, it can have up to four torsion springs. These springs sit above the door opening in a metal shaft. Based on their assembly, these springs are wound to different torsion settings.
  • Extension spring. Extension springs are long and skinny. They run parallel to the door tracks and store energy by extending when the door is moved.

The garage torsion spring replacement cost is fairly inexpensive. You can purchase them in the form of a set from a home improvement center or online retailers for less than $100 per set. Take your old spring with you to the store to get the specifications right for the new one.

A broken garage door spring costs you in three ways:

  • Cost of time
  • Cost of tools
  • Cost of installation

Cost of Garage Door Springs Installation

If a high broken garage door spring cost daunts you, you can save on the cost of installation by doing it yourself. You’ll have to pay for the repair equipment, buy the materials, as well as consider the garage door spring replacement cost. Expect the cost of replacing to be just under $100.

Cost of Garage Door Springs Repair Tools

Unless you’ve previously performed repairs around the house, you’ll need power tools, safety goggles, gloves, clamps, and stepladders. Factor their cost in the total repair cost and you’ll be running a bill of $150.

Cost of Time to Repair Garage Door Springs

If you haven’t done a similar repair before, learning how and what to do is going to take up an entire day. Familiarizing yourself with the tools, the methods of repair, and learning the procedure will contribute to the total cost of the repair. It takes DIYers roughly a weekend to repair their garage doors.

To save on the cost of time, tools, and installations, consider hiring professionals such as the California Garage Repair Team who not only specialize in these repairs but will also have the required tools to do the job. Not to mention, they’ll save you time.

How to Repair a Door Spring Yourself

Replacing extension springs in residential garage doors involves the following steps:

  • Opening the garage door and removing the spring tension. Putting the clamp to hold the door in place, disconnecting the garage door opener.
  • Marking the pulley placement using tape. Disconnecting the spring from the track bracket/pulley and disconnecting the safety cable from the spring.
  • Threading the new spring and cable, attaching the new spring to the track bracket and reattaching the safety cable and pulley.
  • Removing the clamps, reconnecting the garage door opener and testing the door with the new springs to see if it’s working properly.

Replacing torsion springs is more difficult and dangerous since these springs are under a great amount of tension. It’s likely that a piece of spring breaks and hits you or damages your home and vehicle. Most people recommend hiring a professional in case of a torsion spring replacement or double door springs.

Garage Door Spring Repair Price for Professional Installation

Consulting a team like the California Garage Repair Team will let you know whether you should repair the spring or replace it.

If it’s a repair job, the installer will disassemble the door brackets to repair the springs, costing you between $100 to $250.

In terms of replacing garage door springs, they are going to cost you the price of the torsion/extension spring (which costs between $10 to $100) and labor costs, which can range from $50 to $150, depending upon the region and the skill level of the repairmen.

Is It Dangerous to Replace Garage Door Springs?

Removing the springs is dangerous as these springs contain a lot of tension. If removed in the wrong way, they can hurt you and damage the structure of the house.

Additionally, if we’re dealing with a more complex case, such as commercial garage door springs or a roll-up garage door, you need to hire professionals as you can seriously injure yourself while performing maintenance that you’re not trained for.

If you decide to hire a professional, it increases the garage door spring replacement cost but will ensure a safe replacement and repair job and will save you time and resources in the long run. Contact the California Garage Door Repair team to get professional garage door spring repair services with the best price guarantee. 


How Long Should Garage Door Springs Last?

After you’ve installed your new garage door springs, you should be good for seven to ten years.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Springs break primarily because of years of wear and tear. Additionally, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, it will affect the spring negatively. Lack of lubrication causes increased friction, which destroys a spring over time. If a spring isn’t regularly looked after, it will get rusty over time.

What Happens if a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

You’ll notice a broken spring if the door is crooked or bent at the top. If it doesn’t budge or move slowly when you open it, if the door doesn’t stay up by itself, and if it jerks a lot while opening and closing, there’s a good chance that your door garage door spring has broken. Additionally, you may notice loud noises as the door opens and closes.