Common Garage Door Problems: When To Call A Professional

Having a stuck garage door is enough to ruin anyone’s day, especially when you’re hurrying to meet up with some appointment. It is important to spot common garage door problems and call on a professional to fix them before they become serious enough to make your day a disaster. While you can go about troubleshooting garage door issues, you almost always need the help of a professional.

Garage Door Problems

If you have a garage, here are a couple of garage door issues you might have encountered:

1. Garage Door Won’t Open Properly

If you’ve ever been in a fix where you can’t open your garage door, you know it is quite frustrating. You may have pressed your remote severally, but the door won’t budge. You may even hear the door engine running, but the door still doesn’t open. Even when it opens, the door may not open properly. The garage door movement might be irregular, stop halfway, or open too slowly. This is one of the most common problems with garage doors and can be caused by several issues. Most times, it requires quick garage door fixes. Depending on the damage, you might need to replace the door entirely.

2. Garage Door Won’t Close Properly

If your garage door doesn’t open properly, it won’t close properly either. The door might just refuse to shut entirely; the movement may be irregular, stop halfway or close too slowly or too quickly. Such malfunction might indicate problems with the track, springs, or the balance of your door itself. Garage doors are installed to keep your vehicles safe. If your garage doors aren’t shutting properly, it is a big issue that needs to be attended to instantly.

3. Garage Door Makes Too Much Noise

When your garage door is noisy, it can be a big disturbance, something no one wants to have. It might also signify a much bigger issue, such as damaged parts that can deteriorate if not promptly attended to. At the first sign of such problems, it’s important to instantly call a garage door professional to handle those common garage door repairs and avoid further damage to the door.

Why Your Garage Door Is Acting Up?

Understanding why your garage door is acting up is often the first step to getting it fixed. Let’s consider some reasons you may encounter garage door problems.

1. Remote or Keypad Problems

Garage door openers regulate the mechanism for opening and closing your garage door. Depending on your installation, the opener might be a remote or a keypad. Like most people, you probably take your opener for granted. Unfortunately, faulty remotes or keypads will prevent your door from opening and closing properly. The opener may either have dead batteries or have its transmitters blocked or damaged. In such situations, you may need to have the batteries, the transmitters, or the opener itself replaced.

2. Worn Garage Door Rollers and Axles

Garage door rollers and axles can wear and dry out from extensive use because they are moving parts and are subject to friction. If the rollers, axles, and bearings are worn out, you might hear certain noises that sound like loud pops when you try operating the door. They need to be changed to avoid further damage. If you hear screeching sounds, it might mean that your rollers, bearings, and tracks might just need to be lubricated to enable the doors to open better. This is a troubleshooting garage door fix. If you still hear noises after lubricating the parts, you would need an experienced professional’s help to get your door fixed.

3. Damaged Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs are part of the mechanisms that ensure the garage door moves seamlessly. It also ensures that your garage door is balanced. If you find that your garage door springs are broken, the door won’t open. Even when your spring doesn’t break, continued use will lead to wear and tear. Your garage door won’t be balanced, and you would also notice that the door won’t stay open or might open and shut slowly. In such cases, the spring needs to be replaced.

4. Malfunctioning Photo Eye Sensor

Photo-eye sensors are mechanisms placed on either side of your garage door as a safety feature to ensure that your garage door does not close when people or items are in the door’s way. If you attempt to close the door when an object stands in its path, the door won’t close completely. It may only attempt to close but go back up. When your garage door’s photo eye sensor is malfunctioning, it will prevent it from closing well. In such a case, it needs to be fixed. However, certain photo eye sensors are highly sensitive to things, including leaves, dirt, and mud. Cleaning up the debris might be enough to work your garage door again. There might also be smudges and dirt restricting the sensor of the mechanism. Cleaning it out might also help it function properly.

5. Damages To The Garage Door Itself

If your garage door itself is damaged, chances are it won’t open and close properly. When there are cracks that impede the door’s ability to move seamlessly, you will surely encounter issues when trying to operate it. It may also make those annoying screeching sounds that can be quite irritating. If the cracks cannot be patched up in repairing garage doors, you might consider a replacement.

How To Know If You Need a New Garage Door

Garage doors typically open up to a thousand times a year. That’s quite a lot of movement. While most garage doors can be fully operational for as long as thirty years, such constant use can wear out the door, resulting in certain unfixable garage door problems. Calling on a professional garage door installation and repair company can perform a full assessment on your door and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

Generally, you might need to get a new garage door when:

  • There are several unsightly dents and cracks in the door.
  • Your garage door doesn’t have some necessary safety features like a photo-eye sensor.
  • Your door frequently develops problems that need to be fixed.
  • The material that makes up your door is not compatible with your location’s average temperature and weather conditions.

Avoiding Common Garage Door Problems

The easiest way to avoid repairing garage doors unnecessarily is to engage in simple maintenance techniques. Here are simple ways to make your garage doors last long enough.

  • Pay attention to your garage doors and address problems immediately.
  • Always keep the garage door clean and ensure the tracks are free from debris.
  • Constantly lubricate your garage door rollers, bearings, and tracks.
  • Repair or replace any faulty or damaged part instantly to avoid further complications.
  • Always call a professional to handle routine maintenance checks on your garage doors.


While troubleshooting garage door problems might be great in the interim, it’s always best to leave the grunt work for experienced professionals. You don’t have to look too far; California Garage Door Repair Team has you covered on garage door repair in Los Angeles! Call us and rest assured that your garage door won’t stress you anymore.