Electric Gate Installation Cost Guide

This electric gate installation cost guide will walk you through the factors that affect the price of installing an electric gate and what you stand to gain from installing an electric gate. The kind of electric gate that suits your apartment, and the cost of installing an electric gate in your building.

Leaving your building without a gate is insecure and unsafe. Having your house fenced and gated secures your apartment against trespassers. However, in trying to secure your apartment, you can choose a manual gate or an electric driveway gate. Consequently, your choice determines the cost you will incur for installation.

With the rate at which the crime rate increases and how busy your schedule is in this modern society, electric gates are necessary for security purposes and convenience. The cost of installation may scare you initially. However, it is cheaper compared to what you will lose without it in the long run.

Why You Should Consider Electric Gates

One of the questions that will ravage your mind when thinking about security for your premise is what kind of gate to install? In the quest to answer this question, you will consider various options.

Furthermore, to make the best decision, you will want to know what you stand to gain if you choose manual or electric gate installation. The few consequent lines will expose you to what you stand to gain if you choose electric gate installation.

1. High-Level Comfort and Convenience:

On your way out from your premise in the morning, what is on the top of your heart is how to achieve all of the tasks you have for the day. Taking extra time and energy to think of how to open your gate, come out of the car, close the gate before getting back into the car, and drive down to work in the morning is too much of a task. With electric gates, you can eliminate the latter task to focus on the more important task of getting your tasks achieved for the day.

If you want to be more efficient and comfortable while achieving your daily tasks, installing an electric gate is your best option.

2. Improved Security

With electric gate installation, you can rest assured that your home is secure because of its various security measures. For instance, you can control who comes into your apartment and when they can come in. this is unlike manual security, where your security personnel can mistakenly allow anyone to come in.

Also, you can connect a communication system with your gate, which can always alert you of any impending trespass, which gives you the opportunity of notifying security personnel for immediate rescue.

3. Greater Value

When a visitor comes visiting you on your premise, and you do not have to leave where you are before granting them access to your premise, the first impression is wow, this house is luxurious. An electric door gives a luxury ambiance to your premise.

It increases the property’s value as anyone develops a luxury mentality as they come into your apartment.

What Determines The Cost Of Your Electric Gate?

1. Gate Support

Some of the materials used in constructing gates include wood, metal, concrete, or brick. For your electric gate to be properly installed, it needs the support of a gatepost. If you already have a gatepost constructed, you do not have to add the cost of a gatepost to your installation. But if otherwise, you will need to include the cost of a gatepost to the electric gate installation cost.

A bricklayer will take 32 dollars to 40 dollars per hour for gate post-construction. The construction could last up to 48 hours or more, depending on the size of the gate support.

2. Gate Style

How do you want to open your gate? Do you want to swing it open or slide it open? The choice is entirely yours, and the cost is entirely different. Both kinds of gates have their peculiarities. If you do not have enough space, you should consider sliding an electric door because it conserves space while opening or closing.

Also, if your entrance has an upward slope, an automatic swing gate may be preferable to stop the gate from getting stuck to the slope. On the other hand, electronic swing gates are cheaper to fix and maintain. Hence, the style of electric gate you choose will determine the automatic swing gate installation cost.

3. Gate Appurtenance

The extra accessories you attach to your gate also determine the electric gate installation cost. Some of the accessories you can add are; an audio and video intercom system, push-on buttons, keypad, proximity reader, and exit sensor key. You can choose to add all or a few of them. The number of accessories you add will affect the cost of installation.

4. Gate Material And Nature Of Design

You can use either steel, iron, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), hardwood, or softwood. Because the price of these materials differs, the cost to install an electric driveway gate also differs depending on the material to be used. The nature of the design for the gate also matters. Some designs are more complex than others. The more complex the design is, the more costly it will be.

5. Gate Access To Electricity

The electric gate runs mainly on electricity. Hence, if the source of electricity is far from the position of the gate, the work of an electrician will be employed. Mainly, the electrician will help bring your electricity supplier towards your gate.

What Kind of Electric Gate Should I Install?

If you have chosen to install an electric gate for your premise, it is important to choose the best material that suits your premise. Below are some tips that will help you decide what materials you should use for your electric door.

1. Height Of Gate

If the gate you intend to install is higher than five feet, the best material to use will be metal. Unlike wood which can either warp or loosen at the joining bracket, metal is not susceptible to such in the long run. For smaller gates, you can use either of the two.

2. Gate Ambiance

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? If you want a natural look, the perfect material for creating a natural ambiance with your gate is wooden. However, painting is needed to preserve a wooden gate to save it from bug infestation and rot.

On the other hand, metal materials are usually heavier and can take whatever shape you want. It is susceptible to rust. You can now choose the appropriate material for your electric door.

3. Gate Privacy

Electric gates made from either steel or iron are fixed to have spaces in between. With this kind of gate, everything you do on your premise can be seen by passersby. If you want complete privacy, this kind of electric gate is not the best option. Instead of steel and iron, you should consider wood, metal, or aluminum.

4. Gate Price

The cheapest electric gate is the one molded with PVC material. The challenge with using this material is making your building look cheap. Unlike other kinds of material, it does not give your building a luxurious ambiance.

The aluminum material is also cheap. The challenge is that it is light weighted and can be easily destroyed by heavy wind. However, it is corrosion-resistant, unlike wood and iron. Price is one of the crucial things to consider while selecting material for your electric gate. Whichever material you choose based on this factor, consider the lifespan. Will it be worth choosing at the end?

Electric Gate Installation FAQ

What is the cost of automatic driveway gates?

A lot of factors affect the total cost of installing an electric gate. The factors include the size of the gate, materials to be used, accessories to attach, labor fee, and other factors. Considering all of those factors, automatic driveway gates will cost you between 2,000 dollars and 9,000 dollars for installation.

How much do residential electric gates cost?

Generally, the residential electric gate is less costly than commercial electric gates. The cost also depends on certain factors, including but not limited to materials, accessories, and the cost of labor. Residential electric gates cost between 700 dollars to 5,000 dollars.

Can I install electric gates myself?

Someone with prior knowledge of installation better installs an electric gate. A little mistake in the installation process can cause a severe domestic accident. The installation of an electric gate is best left to professionals.

Always seek the help of a professional electric gate installer instead of trying to install it yourself. The CaliforniaGarage Door Repair team has a host of professionals that will help you install your electric gate perfectly.