Garage Door Opener Installation Cost in Los Angeles

Garage door openers are great for convenience and security — a big reason why they’re so popular. There comes a time when installing a new garage door opener is simply the logical decision. Whether your old garage door opener is inoperable, isn’t working properly due to weather damage, or you just want to gain some added functionality and accessibility, modernizing your entrance with a smarter garage door opener is probably the way to go.

Installing a garage door opener once your old one is malfunctioning and gives you troubles every day is the way to go. In this blog post,  we will talk about the cost of installing a garage door opener in Los Angeles as well as other things you need to know about garage door installation.

Let’s dig in.

Factors that influence the average garage door opener installation cost

  1. Door/Device: The professional or contractor in charge of installing your new garage door will include the price of the door in his total estimate. And the type of door to be installed and the cost of the extra parts to be used influences the total price. 
  2. Labor: The cost of the worksmanship involved in installing garage doors ranges between $65 to $85 an hour for 2-6 hours work
  3. Door’s horsepower: This is your garage’s door lifting power and the type of horsepower your door needs is dependent on the material used in manufacturing your garage door and on the type of garage door it is; one or two car garage door. It’s also important to note that the heavier the door, the higher the horsepower that is needed. So, when purchasing a garage door, look out for doors that have high horsepower rating.
  4. Type: As stated earlier, the type of door you choose to install impacts the cost of your installation. So, a simple garage door opener will cost less than a sophistical garage door opener which has features such as ultra-quiet operation and automatic locking.
  5. Number of doors: This is mostly dependent on your personal preferences and the weather in your region. If you are somene who lives in a cold region and appreciate the aesthetic appeal of large garages with two small garage doors rather the one double door one.
  6. Accessories:  Some garage doors come with accessories such as remote controls, Wi-Fi compatibility, back-up batteries, wireless keypads, LED lights. The more bells and whisteles attached to your garage door, the higher the price of the garage door.

Type of Garage doors


  1. Belt-Drive: This type of garage door opener uses a belt to drive the trolley to move the garage door. One of the key benefit of this type of garage door is the fact that it has fewer moving parts and as such it’s much quieter. The Belt-drive garage door costs around $160 – $450
  2. Chain-drive: It’s  similar to the Belt-drive but in this case, it makes uses of a metal chain to close and open the door. The main benefit of this type of garage door is its durability but it’s pretty noisy. It costs around $150 – $250
  3. Direct-Drive: This garage door utilizes a motor mechanism that moves along a stationary chain to move the garage door. It’s noise free and low-maintenance but quite expensive costing around $280 – $500
  4. JackShaft Drive: The JackShat Drive is distant from other types of garage doors interns of its setup. Unlike most garage door openers which are mounted on your garage ceiling, this garage door door is mounted on the wall of your garage. The way it works is that it’s connected the garage’s torsion bar and leverages spring to open and close the door. They are quite expensive and cost around $250 to $515 but are ultra quiet.
  5. Screw – drive: With this type of garage door, threaded metal rods are utilized in its operations. It’s considered one of the fastest garage door openers and requires consistent maintenance to extend its lifespan. This type of garage openers costs around $200 – $500

Garage door opener installation cost in Los Angeles

As stated earlier, your location is one of the key factors that could impact your the cost of installing a garage door. For certain popular cities, the cost is much higher. For instance, its cost in Los Angeles is around $400 and for other areas like Chicago and Miami, it cost less than $350.

Components of Garage doors

  1. Remote, Clicker and Keypads: It’s typical for a new garage door to come with a single or doule remote and a clicker to open the garage door internally.
  2. Connectivity & Security Camera: With the advancement of technology, garage doors are not left behind in the trend as some garage doors are fitted with Wi-fi or Bluetooth technology that enables owners to the ability to open their garage doors from their phone even when not at home. Also some garage door manufacturers have included security cameras to make it possible for owners to remotely monitor their garage.
  3. Automatic Locking: For owners who intend to add an extra layer of security to their garages, this makes it possible. It automatically locks your garage doors anytime it closes and if you have an existing garage door, you can have this fitted for just $85.
  4. Battery Backup: In a situation where there is power outage at your home, it becomes impossible for you to open your garage door without a battery backup.

Can you install the garage doors yourself?

  1. If you are someone who is handy and has the right equipments, you can install your garage door yourself and save yourself the expensive cost of hiring someone.

    However, if you don’t have these equipments, it could cost you around $400 to $1500 to carry out this project.

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