How Much Does A Garage Door Cost?

Prospective garage door buyers have this common question: how much does a garage door cost? Overall, there’s no clear-cut answer to this since garage door prices depend on the type, material, and labor involved.

In this post, we will discuss the cost of installation to see if it suits your budget. If you need a more accurate estimate, you can call California Garage Door Repair anytime.

Average garage door installation cost

On average, a new garage door will set you back by around $1,200 on the lowest end. This is already a modest estimate as customized and premium doors may cost up to $8,000 or even more.

Aside from the door itself, you’ll spend more if you’re also getting a new installer. The brand, model, and technology of the installer are another consideration.

Take note that this total cost is calculated based on various factors. Below, we discussed these factors and how it impacts the total cost of your garage door. 

Garage door sizes cost

A double garage door will usually have triple the price of its single-door counterpart. It’s due to the added materials, labor, and customization needed.

Also, as the door size gets bigger, it will require more reinforcements and additional accessories. All of these will add up to the final cost of the installation, with the door included.

In some cases, single doors can be expensive, too, especially if it requires a lot of customization. This is the same thing if you choose a premium material. 

Garage door material cost

The material of your door is another factor that will dictate its cost. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $10,000, depending on the material of your choice.

Steel doors are the cheapest followed by aluminum and faux wood. Meanwhile, vinyl tends to be more expensive on top of fiberglass.   

Here’s a rundown of door materials, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Take note that this pricing only includes the door kit without labor and other costs.

  • Steel. Steel door kits can be as affordable as $500 in the lowest range. In terms of durability, steel is considerably tough, but may yield to corrosion after some time.
  • Aluminum. This material lasts longer than typical steel, not to mention that it’s also light and highly customizable. Costs range from around $700 to $1,200 in the upper range.
  • Faux wood. Faux or composite is the middle ground in terms of quality, aesthetics, and price. It costs around $900 to $2,100 on average.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass is durable and very customizable. Price usually starts at $1,000 and up.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl is the most durable option and can resist the harshest elements. This quality costs around $2,600 and up.

Garage door type cost

The type of garage door will also impact the price range. Each type has a corresponding installation complexity, thus varying costs.  

Here’s a quick look at the garage door types and their average pricing:

  • Swing-up door. Swing-up doors are a single piece of material that tilts upward. It’s the cheapest for as low as $350 to $400.
  • Panel door. This is the standard garage door you’ll see on most houses. It’s also affordable at around $500 to $800 on average.
  • Roll-up door. Instead of sliding into a track, roll-up panels wound into a drum wheel. It’s slightly more expensive than standard types at around $400 to $1,500 per kit.
  • Sliding door. Sliding doors are also called French doors. It opens to the side manually or through a customized track. It costs around $3,000 or more, which is the most expensive of all types of doors.

Garage door insulation cost

An insulated garage door will cost an additional $200 to $500, depending on the model. It’s because the insulation material costs around $50 to $500, not including labor and installation hardware.

Most garage doors have an R-value of 5 to 10. R-value is the grading system for insulation; higher numbers mean better insulating capabilities. On the same note, garage doors with high R-value will be more expensive. 

Garage door customization cost

A custom garage door is obviously more expensive than stock kits. The sky’s the limit when it comes to garage door customization and so is the price.

In general, garage doors can be partially or fully custom-made. Partially customized doors range from $800 to $25,000. But if you’re willing to splurge on fully customized doors, the price tag would be $10,000+.

So what goes into a custom garage door, you ask? The following are some of the additions that our clients often ask for: 

  • Windows
  • Trims and panels
  • Barn door style
  • Specific colors
  • Prints and murals
  • Frosted plastic
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Carved wood panels
  • Garage door labor costs

Aside from the door kits and other installation materials, you also have to factor in the labor costs. This varies widely, depending on your location, the expertise of the garage door installer, and more.

In most cases, installing or replacing a garage door will take around 4 to 5 hours. This can be longer if you’re availing of custom doors.

Overall, longer installation hours will translate to higher labor costs. The per-hour wages in your area will distinguish how much this will be.

In the lower range, labor cost is around $300 per door. This will go higher on a sliding scale as the factors above are added to the equation.

How to save money on your garage door

While installing a new garage can be costly, there are ways to save some bucks. Here are a few recommendations, if you’re planning for this home improvement soon. 

Hire a local garage door company

Local companies offer lower rates than national garage door providers. Also, local companies know your neighborhood better and they can anticipate your needs.

Aside from that, local garage door providers are easier to contact. They can also reach your place within hours in case you need emergency door installation.

Also, many local companies are family-owned, which gives their service a personal touch. 

Trim down on customization

Another way to save money on your new garage door is to skip too many add-ons. Aesthetics come second if you’re getting a new garage door on a budget.

We suggest listing your must-haves, which are really necessary for the proper functioning of your door. If you can live without the feature, it’s best to remove it from the list to trim down the price tag. 

Opt for the standard type

If your budget is limited, a basic, standard-type door would be ideal. While it has less curb appeal, it remains functional. It’s a good way to save money if you’re budget-conscious.

A panel garage door with an automatic opener is reasonable for those in the low to the mid-budget range. If you’re really short on cash, you can skip the opener and stick to a manual operation instead. Don’t worry because you can upgrade anytime once you have the budget. 

Always look for a warranty

Lastly, don’t forget to ask for a warranty on the garage door. It will let you save money indirectly by protecting you against premature damages and repair costs.

Reputable garage door companies will always offer guarantees on their door kits. If not, you should look elsewhere. The lack of warranty says a lot about the company’s reputation and the quality of the doors they install. 

Do you need a detailed estimate?

If you need an accurate estimate for your new garage door installation, don’t hesitate to call California Garage Door Repair anytime. Our garage door experts can help you choose the right door type for your budget. We give free and no-obligation quotes, so you can compare your options.

We also install, repair, and tune up garage doors 24/7. For all your garage door needs, we are the ones to call. We have in-house installers who will get your garage door running as fast as possible.