Common Roll Up Door Repairs

As much as you love to ensure your roll-up door is in good condition and avoid damage to the do trying to avoid damage to the door, it is normal to find it challenging to troubleshoot or fix your garage doors.

We are aware of the importance and need for your safety door to play its security role. Hence, we have provided a self-explanatory guide on issues relating to common repairs of your roll-up garage doors.

Roll Up Door Troubleshooting

Your roll-up door provides a lot of good things for your facilities, one of which is security. With a roll-up door in place, you can be assured of maximum protection against numerous elements and factors that could endanger your property. However, some factors stop your roll-up door from functioning effectively in the long run. At that point, the appropriate thing to do is to try some roll-up door troubleshooting techniques. Below are a few problems that can affect your roll-up garage doors in the future:

1. Lack Of Power Source

An unstable power supply can affect the functionality of your roll-up door. Losing power will render your commercial garage door useless, which can be quite difficult. If you have electricity, but your door still is not functioning, consider checking the breakers and wiring to check the cause of power loss.

2. Physical Obstructions

Overhead doors could malfunction due to obstructions. With extensive use, your roll-up door springs could accumulate dust and dirt and, if left unchecked, could harden and become an obstruction to your garage door. This could result in jamming of your roll-up doors. Fortunately, this obstruction can be gotten rid of with time and effort.

3. Worn-Out Parts

Worn-out parts can malfunction your garage door if they are not identified and replaced early. As a result of wear and tear, the parts of your roll-up door could become old and worn out. Replacing these old parts would restore the functionality of your garage door.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roll-Up Door?

Generally, roll-up door repair or replacement costs are estimated to be $200 – $250 at minimum. However, if there are other things to be done like disassembling the brackets to remove the springs due to the shaft not sliding sideways as expected, then an additional cost of about could be incurred $50 – $100. However, the repair and replacement prices are subject to your roll-up garage door style. For instance, single roll-up doors and single tile-up doors are the most affordable, while custom roll-up doors are more costly. The highest-ranked cost of repair prices is custom solid wood doors.

Can I Repair A Roll-Up Door Myself?

For smaller dents, yes, you can attempt to repair it yourself. However, note that the service of professionals is recommended in repairs of garage doors. Also, before you decide to repair your roll-up door, be sure it is something you can repair by yourself. That is a precautionary measure to avoid increasing repair costs or risk of home accidents.

Are Residential Roll-Up Doors Safe And Secure?

When choosing rollup doors, you can choose between wood, fiberglass metal, or plastic. This wide range of choices makes it difficult to make a choice. However, there is no doubt about the safety of residential roll-up doors, whether you choose to use them in your shop garage or not. Investing in a steel roll-up door is the best decision you might ever make. The safety and security that come with it are unrivaled, and you can rest assured about the safety of whatever lies behind the doors.

How Can We Help?

Your garage door components must be regularly monitored to ensure your door is functioning well. Then, if you detect a fault, endeavor to fix it earlier, as this could avert more problems and save cost. Frequent maintenance of your garage door requires the service of a professional who can evaluate the wellness of your garage door and make recommendations should the need arises.

At California Garage Door Repair team, we are known for diligent, efficient, and expedited service delivery in installing and repairing garage doors. We maintain our mission of delivering consistent, high standard, and prompt roll-up garage door repair services for homeowners and businesses alike in Los Angeles in less than 24 hours.