Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost In Los Angeles

Things You Don’t Know About Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost In Los Angeles

So you have heard some squeaking and a few harsh noises coming from the garage lately. You open the door and find that your garage door springs have snapped.

Many homeowners use their garages as a place to store their valuable items. However, they do not store them in safes and locked boxes. Garage door springs are put in place to ensure that the garage door operates appropriately by opening and closing the door when instructed by the owner. Homeowners cannot open or close their garage doors when these springs break. This can cause many problems regarding security and loss of precious items kept in the garage.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the cost of a garage door spring replacement and other important info you need to know about Garage door spring replacement.

What is a Garage Door Spring?

garage spring repair costs in los angeles

These are the large springs that make it possible for you to open and close your garage door. The purpose and function of the spring in your door is to help to counteract the force of gravity on the door meaning it makes your garage door lighter for you to be able to lift the door on your own.

Types of Garage Door Springs

  • This is a essential part of your garage door and the type of garage door you purchase and the type of spring fitted to it will impact the price of your repairs.  There are two main types of springs and they are; Extension and Torison Spring Bar.

    Extension Spring: This type of spring are considered to be much cheaper than the alternative torsion spring and are not durable. The way this works is when the spring door is closed, it tightens and pressurize so it can spring back to raise the door. They are also usually attached with safety cables to avoid damages and it’s estimated to last 7-12 years. Also, unlike Torison spring bars, the extension springs has more exposed parts that are suceptible to damage when it breaks through normal wear and tear.


    To replace this type of spring, it’s estimated that your total spend will range between $15 and $45 for each spring with a labor cost that ranges from $50 – $100 for each spring.


    Torsion Spring Bar: This type of Spring bar are considered to be the most dangerous type of garage door spring to replace and this is as a result of enormous pressure it’s under even when the garage door is closed. They are usually attached to the wall opposite the garage door and are twists and expand when the garage door moves. Torsion spring bar are much stronger than extension springs and also carry more weight. It’s estimated that this type of spring bar lasts for more between 8-15 years. For instance, roll up garage doors tend to use torsion springs so a replacement will likely cost you $200 – $250 and the breakdown costs $30 – $100 in parts while labor costs around $75 – $150 for each spring.

How to know if the springs are going bad

Springs can break in under a year on rare occassions and this on a normal day shouldn’t happen when you have proper springs installed but it can. This is why it’s recommended that your purchase your springs from a reputable company.

Oftentimes, it’s essential that springs are re-balanced in the first 24 months of its installation. However, if the installation takes place during the winter season or in a cold weather, your spring might need re-balancing sooner than when the weather is warm.

A spring that requires rebalancing is often regarded as “failing” while a spring that loses a bit of tension, then it’s not considered as failing.

To verify if your spring is okay and the garage door is balanced, below are some tests to determine if they are going bad or not; Call us for more info!

  1. The garage door should be in upwards position when released from the opener in an up position. If one of the bottom rollers on the door moves beyond the horizontal and vertical track while staying below the line, then the torsion springs have failed and require re-tensioning.
  2. The second thing to do is to pull the door to a mid level position and make sure it rests in that position without moving up and down supported entirely by the power of the springs.

What’s the cost of garage door spring replacement?

As stated in previous segment, garage door spring replacement cost is usually determined by two things; parts and labour plus the type of garage door you purchased. On average, your total spend to replace a garage door spring costs between $150 -$300.

Factors that impacts garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

In this segment, we dive deeper into the factors that influences your total cost in replacing your garage door spring. Below are some of the factors;

  1. Number of garage doors: If your doors were installed at the same time and are experience the same level of usage, it’s ideal that you replace all the springs of the doors at the same time. Also, since double garage doors are much bigger than single door springs and costs $15 to $30 in materials per spring. Even if only one spring breaks, you will still need to replace both springs. This is because the tension caused by pairing a new spring with an old one can cause the old one to break
  2. Labor: Carrying out spring replacement can prove to be quite dangerous and if you are not an expert, you could damage the door/equipments or even injure yourself in the process. This is because spring replacement work requires special tools that the average person doesn’t possess. Also, there’s still work after the installation of the springs, and this is making sure that the heavy garage door is balanced and it tracks smoothly. Find an expert or reputable company to provide a quote to carry out the replacement. Make sure that the quote contains material, hardware and labor costs. Labor costs around $75 to $150 for two hours of work.
  3. Materials: The materials that will be used in the replacement project should include the cost of springs, brackets and hardware. Springs are estimated to cost around $30 to $200 for two set of springs.
  4. Location: This is another factor that impacts the cost of your door spring replacement. If you live in an area where there are numerous contractors to choose from, then you are bound to get lower prices than areas where there are few contractors. In urban cities like Los Angeles, you might need to pay extra as the cost of living in these areas is higher.

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