Wooden Garage Doors: A Complete Guide

Wooden Garage Doors: A Complete Guide

Wooden garage doors remain a popular option for many property owners. And why not? It enhances a home’s curb appeal, not to mention that it’s sustainable, durable, and highly customizable. But the question is, are wooden doors the right choice for you?
In this guide, we’ll help answer this question by discussing your options, its pros and cons, and the associated costs.  So, if you’re planning to get this garage door type, make sure you read our guide below!

Types and styles of wooden garage doors

Wooden Garage Doors: A Complete Guide
Making wooden garage doors your next home improvement can be a good investment. But before you do so, it’s important to choose the right type. Here are the most popular types and how it works:

Wood type

  • Cedar. Its naturally decay and resistance make cedar the best wood for garage doors. Also, it’s less likely to warp or crack when exposed to harsh weather conditions. On top of that, cedar has good sound-proofing and a nice look even if left unfinished.
  • Fir. If you’re looking for better durability and strength, fir garage doors would be the best wood for a garage door. This wood is super sturdy and develops a rich coloring as it gets older.
  • Mahogany. Mahogany home-built garage doors are also an excellent choice if you’re into customization. This wood is easy to sand and has the right hardness for woodworking.
  • Plywood. If you’re on a budget, plywood garage doors are a smart choice. However, you’ll need to install additional insulation as a plywood garage door is thin and less weather-resistant than other woods.

Panel type

  • Solid panel. A solid wood panel garage door is budget-friendly since it’s usually made of plywood. Also, it’s flat and doesn’t involve any customizations. It’s good if you want a minimalist look but a little drab if you’re aiming for an aesthetic upgrade on your door.
  • Raised panel. A raised wood garage door panel has carved shapes and designs, which will greatly boost your property’s curb appeal. However, it’s also costly but definitely worth the splurge.
  • Carriage style. This style of wood panel garage door isn’t typical for urban properties. It has a barn-style design with two handles and hinges that allow it to swing outward.
  • Panels with windows. Your wooden garage door panel can also be customized with windows to let the natural light in. However, it’s more expensive, but still a good investment.

Is a wooden garage door right for your home?

Wooden Garage Doors: A Complete Guide
As much as wooden garage doors are aesthetic and durable, they are not suitable for all homes. Here’s what you need to consider before investing opting for wood on garage doors:

Pros of wooden garage doors

  • Durable. You’ll be surprised that wood is more durable than vinyl or even metal when it comes to dents. It’s also more difficult to break into, which can boost your home’s security.
  • Sustainable. If you’re more environment-conscious, a garage door made of reclaimed wood is a good choice.
  • Insulation. A garage door wood panel comes with a more natural insulating effect than any door material except fiberglass. It helps keep your garage warm during winter and cool during hot summers.
  • Customization. Wood garage doors are highly customizable with your choice of carving, designs, wood openings, windows, and whatnot. While these customizations cost more, it’s something you won’t enjoy with other materials, such as metal or vinyl.
  • Aesthetic. If you want the maximum curb appeal for your home, a custom wooden garage door won’t disappoint. You can also choose from various finishes or stains to match your property.

Cons wooden garage doors

  • Higher cost. One of the biggest downsides of wooden garage doors is their higher price. This is true, especially if you want materials like fir, cedar, or mahogany.
  • Heavier than other materials. Wooden garage doors tend to be heavier than vinyl, which means you’ll need to spend on the cost of a new garage door opener to operate it. In some cases, you might need garage door opener repair to accommodate your new door.
  • Demanding maintenance. Wood ages over time, and without proper maintenance, it would warp, crack, or rot.

The cost of wooden garage doors

The cost of a new garage door can be much higher if you’re getting a wooden type. 
On average, a wooden garage door may set you back for about $5,000 or even more. You can find more affordable options at around $1,000, especially plywood or MDO materials.
Take note that the total price of your wooden door depends on some factors. This includes the size of your garage, the exact material you like, your location, and level of customization.
Aside from that, the installation may cost more if we need to remove an old door or if there’s garage door repair that needs to be done.
If you want to know how much a new garage door installation of this type will cost, call us, and we will give you a free quote.

Maintenance needs of a wooden garage door

As we’ve mentioned earlier, wooden doors require proper maintenance to stretch their lifespan. Also, it’s important to understand this part before you get this door so you won’t be surprised by the additional expenses later on:
  • Watch out for pests. Wood-eating insects are the most common garage door problems if you have wooden panels. If you want to avoid this problem, you should consider getting a cedar door instead.
  • Keep the door clean. Since wooden doors are susceptible to rotting, you should keep it clean and dry at all times. Cleaning it once a year should be enough to delay any potential damages.
  • Schedule professional inspections. Calling a professional garage door technician for annual inspections will help maximize the lifespan of your door. You should do this even if your door doesn’t have visible damage yet. As you know, most wood-eating insects are not easy to spot until they’ve done substantial damage.
  • Get a durable finish. If you’re refinishing your old wooden door, you should choose one that will withstand harsh elements. This will help prevent decay and even ward off pests.
  • Repair damages immediately. If you spot chips or peeling, you should have it repaired right away. This way, the wooden material won’t sustain further damage, especially when exposed to moisture. For this, you might need professional garage door repair to restore your door.

Where to get high-quality wooden garage doors

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