Is My Garage Door HOA Compliant

Is My Garage Door HOA Compliant?

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, making home improvements surely has its share of challenges. You have to be aware of various regulations, including HOA garage door rules. This way, you’re sure that your garage door is HOA-compliant, and you won’t face any complaints.
Every homeowner’s association (HOA) has their own regulations when it comes to garage doors. Some may not have strict rules over garage doors, while others are very specific with how this part of the property should look.
In this post, we will discuss common guidelines that HOAs implement in California, and your garage door is covered by such rules. Read on to know more!

Does the HOA cover the garage door?

Is My Garage Door HOA Compliant
If you live in an HOA neighborhood in California, your garage door is likely covered by their rules. In fact, neighborhoods will have the properties’ garage doors maintained by the HOA itself. Still, this depends on your HOA’s power and authority.
In general, homeowner’s associations will have a set of standards on how garage doors should look like within the neighborhood. Any deviation from such standards may be considered a violation of the HOA rules, and the property owner needs to fix it within a given timeline.
This is why many HOA neighborhoods have their garage doors repaired by experts. It ensures that the garage door is repaired professionally. And in some cases, the HOA will have a partner contractor who will provide garage door services at par with their standards.

Are you compliant with HOA garage door rules?

HOAs often impose rules on a garage door’s style, appearance, maintenance, and how your garage door should work. Failure to comply with these requirements could mean fines or a lien on your property.
Here are the usual aspects that a Californian HOA will check on your garage:

1.  Usage and storage

Some HOAs are strict when it comes to what you store inside your garage. They may require homeowners to avoid storing clutter and hazardous items in their garages for safety reasons.
If you think this is already strict, then think again. Back in 2018, an HOA demanded residents to keep their garage doors open from 8 am to 4 pm during weekdays. Failure to comply will result in a $200 fine.
The rule was put in place when HOA found out that one of the residents was allowing someone to live in their garage. The rule was since overturned after it was met with criticism.

2.  Condition and appearance

Another major aspect HOAs are particular about is the appearance of your garage door. They want to keep overhead doors clean and aesthetically pleasing, which means it should be free from any fading paint, chipping, dents, or cracking.
Aside from that, you’ll be required to replace rotten panels, broken windows, rusted parts, and other damages.
Some HOAs may have specific rules on the style and design of the doors you can get. So, if you’re getting a new garage door installation, you may have to get it approved by the HOA board. 

3.  Functionality

Your homeowner’s association may also require a door that opens and closes quietly. Any loud noise coming from your garage door may lead to a penalty.
At the same time, HOAs may also have safety regulations, such as the door having enough internal ventilation. This is to prevent toxic gasses from accumulating inside your garage.
Additionally, they may require installed safety devices, such as auto-reverse sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, etc. Depending on each HOA, there may be specific requirements, so make sure you ask beforehand.
Overall, it’s important that you know your HOA’s requirements before you even call a garage door company. This way, you’ll know what repairs or services to ask for and how much it will cost.

Why do you need to comply with HOA garage door rules?

Is My Garage Door HOA Compliant
It’s important to understand that homeowner’s associations impose these kinds of rules for a reason.
First, they want to maintain property values. As much as possible, HOAs try to maintain desirable living conditions within the neighborhood so properties won’t depreciate in the market.
Another reason for such rules is that HOAs aim to promote harmony and safety within the neighborhood. For example, if your garage doesn’t have safety features, a wandering kid may get inside and potentially get trapped or hurt.
And as mentioned earlier, HOAs are very particular with garage doors as they don’t want other people living in them. This can be due to safety reasons and, again, to make the neighborhood desirable for potential residents.

How to comply with HOA garage door requirements

Complying with your homeowner’s association’s rules will save you from the hassle and penalties. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your garage door will pass with flying colors:
  • Repair issues right away. The moment you see damage on your garage door, you should consider calling for professional garage door repair right away. Through this, you can avoid HOA problems, and the repairs will potentially be cheaper since the damage is not yet extensive.
  • Ask for professional help. Whether you need garage door opener repair or other maintenance services, it’s always best to call a licensed technician. This way, you can guarantee compliance with the HOA rules.
  • Keep up with the HOA rules. It’s always important to communicate with your homeowner’s association to know any updates about their garage door regulations. You should also inquire if they have specific requirements when hiring a garage door company for repairs.
  • Attend HOA meetings. You can always attend HOA meetings if you have concerns about your garage door compliance. This way, you can raise your concerns to the right authority and have the answers you need.
  • Invest in a quality garage door. You can avoid a lot of hassle with the HOA if you invest in quality doors from the very beginning. This way, you can avoid common garage door problems and stay compliant with your local HOA.

Do you need help complying with your HOA’s garage door rules?

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